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Working a job or running a business is difficult and can become more complicated when confronting legal issues. If you’re an employer, you need to ensure your company follows the law when it comes to treating employees. Alternatively, if you are an employee, you need to know how to understand and assert your legal rights to protect yourself from employer abuse. To do that, you need legal guidance from a competent attorney.

The Law Office of Andrew Ross Sack, serving New York City, Westchester, and Long Island, handles a variety of issues concerning employment law, from negotiating employment contracts and severance agreements, to demanding fair compensation for overtime, commissions, bonus monies, breach of contract claims, discrimination, and harassment suits, and more. Whether you need guidance to remain compliant with the law, or you’re dealing with a legal dispute, The Law Office of Andrew Ross Sack will guide you to protect your legal rights.

Employment Contracts

While not every employment relationship involves a formal written agreement, having a contract is very helpful in the event you have an employment dispute. And if you are negotiating an employment contract, having legal representation to protect your interests is often essential. Andrew Ross Sack will work on your behalf to ensure you get the best deal possible out of your contract negotiations and protect your interests.

Severance Agreements

It is Andrew Ross Sack’s experience that every firing is negotiable. Often, you can get more compensation and benefits by having an attorney ask for them on your behalf. If you are in a dispute over a settlement agreement, you probably need an attorney to protect your interests. The Law Office of Andrew Ross Sack will advocate on your behalf to ensure the best deal for you.

Wage and Hour Disputes

All too often, workers are denied adequate and fair wages. If you’re an employee, perhaps you’ve had to deal with not receiving a fair or legal wage, including overtime. Competent legal counsel can make all the difference such as the services provided by Andrew Ross Sack and ensure your rights are enforced.

Misclassification Issues

The law distinguishes between two primary types of workers: employees and independent contractors. Which classification a worker falls into can have a major impact in everything from overtime pay, taxes, workers’ compensation, unemployment insurance and health benefits. When there is a dispute over whether a worker has been misclassified, it might be a case where effective legal representation is required. Andrew Ross Sack is ready to argue on your behalf to ensure you are classified properly.

Restrictive Covenants

Often, promises not to compete or solicit current customers are included in employment agreements. Such clauses can unfairly restrict your ability to earn a living, both during and after employment is over. You might be looking to wiggle out of them and need counsel to guide you. Andrew Ross Sack will design covenants that do not unfairly harm you and fight for you if applicable.

Sales Commissions

While most people work for an hourly wage or regularly paid salary, some are paid on a commission basis which is computed based upon sales. A commission arrangement is often problematic, and you need to know all the details to properly understand and document the arrangement. Andrew Ross Sack will help you negotiate your commission agreement and enforce your claims if you do not receive your commissions on a timely basis.

Breach of Contract

A fundamental aspect of contract law is the idea that employers should live up to their promises especially if they are in writing. Unfortunately, people sometimes break their word. When that happens, or when you’re unjustly accused of breaking your end of an employment contract, you’ll require competent legal counsel throughout the process. Andrew Ross Sack will provide that counsel and assist you in enforcing your legal rights.

Employment Discrimination

Employment discrimination remains prevalent notwithstanding the law’s attempt to protect minorities. Whether you’re discriminated against based on race, gender, country of origin, religion, age, sexuality, disability status, or some other personal characteristic, federal, state and local law is available to provide you with legal options. If you feel you have been wrongfully discriminated against, the Law Office of Andrew Ross Sack will fight to protect and get you just compensation.


Harassment, sexual or otherwise, remains a persistent problem in the workplace. Harassment can take many forms: whether it’s someone who refuses to respect personal boundaries, someone who hurls insults or slurs at coworkers or subordinates, or someone who takes advantage of their position of authority to abuse subordinates. If you believe you are the victim of sexual harassment by a coworker or superior, you’ll need strong legal representation to enforce your rights and protect yourself from further harm. Andrew Ross Sack will fight to protect you from continued harassment, retaliation, and unfair terminations.